This blog was created by a group of friends who tend to eat out often and take many, many photos of their meals. This blog will be how we share our food findings and photos — and how we feel less guilty about eating so much… After all, now we can say we’re ordering that large set menu for… uh,  for science! Not gluttony. Definitely not gluttony. Right…


Anyways, let’s get to know the noshers ~


Marissa – A whitewashed Chinese girl with a soft spot for Asian variety shows, video games and her dogs. She can’t decide if she likes Japanese or Korean cuisine more at the moment. Aside from that, she’s the poor sucker who gets to handle most of this blog.


Lena – Much study, such wow. She likes playing games and eating tasty food. She might also be Godzilla. Some of her favourite things right now are Nu’est, Shiroi Koibito cookies, legit Hokkaido milk and eating at Cin Cin.


June – Such tiny, much trip, many hurts.  Tiny filipina who tends to bump into things and gets lost in crowds. She loves sweets, and has no-meat days every now and then.


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