Munching in Montreal. Bagels, Poutine, Foiegras! 

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve gone traveling but we decided to go for a YOLO trip in Montreal and take a break from raincouver. Unfortunately we managed to hit up the biggest snowstorm this winter but we had a blast eating there.

Cacao 70- round 1

We lived near a Cacao 70 and we wound up eating there because it was too cold to head out. The brunch is amazing and comes with a side of fruit with chocolate. The strawberries were half the size of my hand and were the sweetest ones i’ve ever had. The omelette was good but i wouldn’t say that it’s worth the trip over.

St Viateur

We headed off to St. Viateur for breakfast the next day and managed to get a table without lining up! The line started around 9:30am and went out the door so heading out early was a good idea. I went for the Omertà bagel with a side of vegetable soup & a cafe au lait. The rosemary sea salt bagels are a must try if you love savoury bagels but the sesame bagel with peanut butter is to die for.

Cacao 70- Round 2

Came back to try this place again because we apparently tried the place wrong. We finally tried one of the chocolate fondue sets and it was amazing. I tried roasting a marshmallow for the first time and apparently you’re not supposed to put the marshmallow back on top of the fire when you freak out that it’s burning :< mistakes were made

L’avenue Paris

My favorite brunch place that we went to in Montreal! Coconut milk maple syrup coffee, Indecisive combo with sausage/baked bean/baguette & Salty Pretzel. There was also fresh fruit on the side. The pancakes from the Salty Pretzel were so fluffy and buttery, the sweet and salty flavors were so good. The sausage was also made with fresh herbs, definitely worth waking up and lining up to try all this!

Bonus: Au Pied de Cochon

A short clip of their duck in a can! I can definitely tell people that i’ve had better canned food than what they cook now hehe. Rude but true :> 


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