Cafe Granaché – sweets maison

Lena and I wandered into Osaka’s Daimaru department store and managed to go on a day when an event was being held at the Pokémon Center. After picking up a few items and standing in line for about an hour and a half… ( thank you PAX, for giving us the strength to line up for so long ) We headed upstairs and waited in a shorter line to get into Cafe Granaché.


I ordered a strawberry & chocolate parfait and an iced matcha milk tea~ Lena ordered a strawberry shortcake and melon soda float… Or at least that’s what we are pretty sure we ordered, we meant to post this earlier but got distracted during our trip and are only writing up the post now… Whoops.


^^ My parfait~ It was tasty! I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate cake pieces though, mostly because I’m not a big fan of chocolate… Oh well.


Iced matcha milk tea, not 100% about whether or not that was the proper name but it’s close enough….? It was nice and refreshing, it wasn’t too sweet and that went well with the sweeter parfait.

This is Lena’s melon soda float and strawberry shortcake~ She enjoyed both, except for the fact she’s not a big fan of whipped cream…. >__> Or strawberries… So we traded ( my chocolate cake pieces for her strawberries hahahaaa )


Bonus picture time: Pokémon Center in Osaka’s Daimaru department store~


This is a picture of about… Halfway through the line up? It took maybe like 1.5-2hrs to get through. When we went back down after going to Cafe Granaché there was less of a line haha. The line afterwards was maybe like a 15-20min long line? Oh well, it was interesting being in line — and I got quite a few street passes on my 3DS :3


There were quite a few displays with toys, here’s Lena squishing the head of a Pikachu…


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