Seoul Express @ Yaohan

Hello~ long time no post haha. Here’s a belated write up about Seoul Express which is located in the Yaohan food court in Richmond ^^

My sister ordered the beef ramyun& for her sides she got kimchi and boiled bean sprouts.
While she enjoyed it, she found the broth to be mildly spicy… My sister is really sensitive about spice haha, I was okay eating it. She managed to finish it, although apparently she kept telling herself that this is like spice training for her mouth since the spice level was still at a tolerable one for her.

On the other hand I ordered mul naengmyun because I wanted something refreshing www. For my sides I had the kimchi, sliced radish (kimchi?) and bean sprouts…

It was tasty, the broth reminded me a bit of Japanese sunomono– like it had a sweet-sour vinegary taste. The only down side is that the side dishes all tasted similarly sour, which would have been a delicious contrast if I had chosen a rice dish… But with the naengmyun it was a bit overkill;;;

After we finished eating, I still felt hungry while my sister was full haha. I wasn’t even able to eat all of my dish though, I finished about 85-90% of my dish before my taste buds told me they didn’t want to finish. This makes me feel like if they had a savory side dish option I might have been able to excite my taste buds enough to finish it… But I’m not entirely sure that would make me feel more full haha.

Overall it was very enjoyable, my sister commented later that if we had switched it might have worked out better… Well, we can always go back again and find out haha.


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