Binggrae Enriched Chocolate Bar

20140419-194152.jpgI love going to H-mart, they have lots of sales, they have awesome ice cream, and did I mention that I love their sales? I swear half of the reason I go to H-mart is to see what they have on sale & the other half is to see what kind of ice cream is on sale!! Today’s ice cream pick was Binggrae’s Enriched Chocolate Bar/빙그레 엔초.



Comparison of product to packaging; it seems significantly smaller 😦 My siblings and I were hoping that it would be similar to a Häagen-Dazs but it wasn’t… Oh well.

It has a chocolate center ^^
Overall, my siblings and I enjoyed eating this ice cream bar… It wasn’t as good as a Häagen-Dazs, but it was less than $6 for 6 of these so I’m not complaining lol. Despite that fact, I think next time I’m going to go for a different interesting looking ice cream that’s on sale… ^^ since most of the ice cream packs are in the $4-$8 range I don’t really see a reason to not try everything over the summer… Ehe;;;


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