Seto Sushi



Seto Sushi is one of my favourite places to eat sushi in Richmond, and I think it might be Lena’s favourite as well. During this visit our friend Jim joined us, and I probably should have phoned him to find out where they were seated because Lena had her phone on silent… At least the restaurant wasn’t that busy, and they were seated near the entrance… I have a love-hate relationship with the privacy screens around the booths, they make your seat nice and cozy. But it’s a bitch to find people when you need to :c

Anyways, sometimes Lena and I get the couples boat set when we go here because —

1- getting things on a boat is hilarious
2- it feels like you’re getting more for your money
3- we’re indecisive and getting a set meal helps
4- boats are awesome

We didn’t get the boat set this time, but we recommend it if you’re ever indecisive and have a friend to share with ( or, I guess… A significant other. ) I personally can’t recall of many other places that still serve boat sets on actual wooden boats, if anyone knows of other places in the lower mainland— please let me know~


Chopped Scallop Rolls

To start I ordered some chopped scallop rolls~ They were tasty and I pretty much inhaled them…

Look at dem heads

The remains of Lena’s botan ebi set; it came with the raw(?) bodies as nigiri and their heads deep fried like this. The heads were nice and crunchy, but be careful of the shrimp antennae. Some of them are a bit jagged, everything should be ok if you chew carefully… But it’s always good to have rice in some form on hand, it helps get things down ^^

Eat all of the things~ Don't waste any part of the body~

We all ordered a tempura set, Lena made her shrimp heads join the bodies of their cousins… A bit morbid, but veeerrrry tasty.

Super nomm

I had the tempura soba set, it was very nice and light and really tasty. I’m starting to fall in love with soba noodles, I can’t wait till it gets hotter so I have a better reason to eat zaru soba lmao.

Best backup choice

Jim & Lena both ordered tempura udon. I would have gotten this if I hadn’t fallen for soba haha. But if I’m at other places and have no idea what to get, I usually default to this. It’s usually good at any restaurant haha.

I kind of wish I snuck a piece...

Jim also ordered some chicken karaage. I’m not sure how it was, but Jim seemed to enjoy it a lot~

Overall, we really enjoyed eating at Seto~ We’ve been here several times last year, and I hope we decide to go eat here many more times in the future~ ( It also helps that the parking lot attatched to Seto is ginormous compared to the other ones down Alexandra road!!! )


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