Lotte Watermelon bar

Hello~ Long time, no post– such wow. Anyways, we have several posts to write, but as a tester post I’ll be writing up on the Lotte Watermelon bar/ 왕수박바!

This is one of the many reasons why we shouldn’t wander around Asian supermarkets… We ( or maybe it’s just me…) tend to find things that look super tasty or really amusing and end up buying them…

the packaging is pretty straightforward

Lena was initially drawn towards this ice cream because it’s watermelon flavored, I was more interested in the fact that it was on sale this week. We weren’t sure what the seeds were made of, I wasn’t as concerned but Lena was hoping it wasn’t red bean.

size comparison between the wrapper and actual product

Sorry about the lighting, the sun was starting to set and we were too lazy to turn on a light ( and we were going to watch a movie so… )
I was expecting a slightly bigger bar, but the size difference wasn’t too bad.

our verdict? Tasty

Well? What does it actually taste like? I was expecting a sweeter, artificial flavor to be honest– but it was rather accurate to how watermelon tastes. The green part was more artificially flavored IMO, it was a nice limey-citrusy flavor. The seeds, we weren’t entirely sure.. It wasn’t red bean, much to Lena’s relief. I think it might be peanuts, possibly chocolate covered. I didn’t taste chocolate though… I guess this would be a good reason to start learning Korean, so I can read the ingredients list haha. Hmmm maybe I should venture over to Hmart again 💕


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