Hanok Korean

Originally Lena, June and I had planned on going to Haroo for lunch… But we ended up missing their lunch period, so we decided to go to Hanok. We had gone to Hanok before, on their opening day, and it didn’t really impress us. However we went anyways to see if there were any changes or improvements since then.


I had the Gamja tang, it was alright. Lena said it tasted like it was missing something, later she said that it felt like it was missing more spice and maybe if the potato had cooked down more it would have added to the broth… Personally, I just wished that the potato was cooked more… The potato was pretty raw in my opinion…

Tteokbokki set

June had the tteokbokki set, the sauce was good and it was the first time we’ve seen it served with an egg… However we all felt that the tteok was overcooked, when we put it into our mouths it was suuuper soft and melty…. And was kinda awkward feeling in our mouth, maybe it’s just us but we like chewing on the tteok. It was pretty much, insert tteokbokki into mouth, close mouth, tteokkbokki has been disintegrated. June was able to eat maybe a third of this before she decided against eating more.


I ordered the tang soo yook ($7) on a whim because Hanok has a lunch special where you can order smaller plates of some dishes as a side dish… It tasted alright, the pork might have been over fried because it was a bit dry and really chewy. I did regret ordering this because I ended up being the only one eating it, and it’s too much for me to eat by myself. I debated about packing it to go, but decided against it because it wouldn’t have held up very well ( we were debating about going to other places afterwards lol ) In hindsight I should have tried their ($3) side dish of kimbap instead… Although, I kind of felt that for that price I could either go to Hmart and buy some kimbap or I should really go to Kimbap Cheonguk. Sorry, I’m just cheap! I can’t say whether or not price = quality because I haven’t had Hanok’s kimbap to compare it with any of the other ones.

Steamed Mandu

Lena loves mandu, and she wasn’t that hungry at the time so she decided to go try their steamed mandu. At first glance she was excited, but on closer inspection she was disappointed to see that it wasn’t stuffed as much as it seemed. Their wrapper was thick, and the way they folded it made it look bigger than it was. It didn’t taste bad, but she felt that she could get better for that price elsewhere.
Sorry we don’t have all of the prices written down, we usually just go places to eat — it’s hard enough to try and take pictures of the food before Lena starts eating lmao. Maybe we’ll start including prices in the future, but for now I’ll list the prices that stand out to me.
I think though, over all… It was a less than average experience. We felt a bit neglected in our seating area, and it was hard to flag down the waitress because our seats seemed to be in their blindspot. When we did have their attention, the waitresses were very helpful though! The food is alright and prices were comparable to other Korean restaurants that we’ve been to. The only parts of the menu that I felt were a bit overpriced was actually the side dish menu… Sorry, I’m still stuck on the $3 kimbap that doesn’t look like a full roll of kimbap. I could be wrong and their actual size is bigger than the size shown on the menu!


– Big & lots of space
– Parking is easy& free because of the parking lot right beside it
– Menu is nice and well made; easy to read

– Might be hard to flag down waitress
– Food could be more seasoned


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