MIlkshake Mondays at Cannibal Cafe

Oh no, the weekend has ended and the most dreaded day of the week is creeping upon us. I’m not a fan of Mondays but there are small things that make it tolerable. Such as FREE MILKSHAKES! Last Monday we headed on over to Commercial Drive in Vancouver to hunt down the Cannibal Cafe in hopes of relieving ourselves of the Monday blues.

Why Cannibal Cafe? Well I’m happy to inform you that they have free milkshakes with the purchase of a burger and a side on Mondays and mmmmm yes their burgers are so delicious that I’m drooling a bit at the thought of it. The best part was that since we went on St Patrick’s day, they had a special milkshake–The Shamrock! The waitress had my heart at the words “peppermint milkshake”.

What about the burgers?

I had the American Grill Burger and oh my, that burger. Mm yes the amount of meat in it was so satisfying that all I can say is DELICIOUSGIVEMEMOREMMMMMMNOMNOM. The only thing that I regret is the fact that I didn’t try any ofthe other burgers.


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